1/1 PL 107 Fire Hemlock

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1/1 Power level 107 Fire Hemlock

Roles: Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold

This Hemlock is part of the most exclusive and expensive weapons in the game. It is the only one in the entire game with these exact roles and power level.

Here at Fortnitestwitems we price ourselves on honestly and it is our promise to you that this will never ever be crafted again to ensure this weapon keeps it's value.

What does 1/1 mean? 1/1 means that this is the only exact variant of the weapon to exist in the game making them the most sought after weapons.

How is this modded? Any weapon between levels 40 and 50 MUST be made from either Sunbeam or Brightcore, this one is made from Obsidian. Power level 107 should also be an unavailable level to have a weapon at,.

This is exclusively available right here and once its gone its gone. This is YOUR CHANCE to own one of the rarest weapons in the game.



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